Dollhouse Collection – Miniature Pieces of Timeless Beauty

Many people are getting fond of collecting almost anything these days. From century old coins to stamps from all over the world, collecting stuffs emerged to become a very popular hobby since centuries ago. Collecting is a very popular hobby as it represents various experiences of the collector. Every collection has its own story, and most collectors feel fulfilled whenever they found a rare piece.

Dollhouses are one of those miniature stuffs some people would love to collect. If you think that these pretty houses for the pretty dolls are only made of plastics and only sold in the nearby toy stores, you have to think twice. Dollhouses can be dated back 5000 years ago, and some collectors acquire pieces from various eras in different types and sizes. Some collectors find pieces from the Victorian era depending on their interest. Tudor dollhouses complete with miniature furniture sets are also very popular among collectors.

Dollhouse Collection

You can collect your own dollhouses!

We learned in the previous blog that dollhouses began as trophies of the rich and powerful in the earlier European societies. Dollhouses within the era are fully furnished with home essentials from chairs to beds, and the cost can reach to the amount of an entire house unit. Dollhouses during the time are that expensive, a reason only the people born in silver spoon can afford them. Thankfully, dollhouses today are not exclusive to the rich. Nowadays, these miniature homes are available in various prices and types that people from all walks of life can afford—and you can too!

Why you should collect?

People collect things for different personal reasons. Some collect because it is a worthwhile past-time, because its value rises over time, and simply because it is a work of art that is part of their interest and where they can find satisfaction and enjoyment. There is a market for dollhouses and over time you can turn this hobby into a lucrative business venture.

Dollhouse Collection

If you are interested to have dollhouse miniatures but is a bit skeptic because you think that the things you will collect is a bit limited, you might are not aware that dollhouses are not all about the “house” itself. Included in the collectibles are other miniature pieces like vintage furniture and dollhouse versions that can complete an entire mini-town. With police stations, shops, libraries, fire stations, post office, restaurants, etc., you can create a fantasy village that you can share to your future generations.

Where to get dollhouses?

You can get dollhouses and other miniatures from various places in different prices. There are countless options and opportunities to grow your collection and common places to find these are toy shops and collectibles stores. Also, do not forget the internet for its limitless reach is a great place to get started and find your first pieces of collectibles. You can also join online chat rooms and other social media groups intended for dollhouse collectors.


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