Dollhouse Collecting: A Worthwhile Hobby

Have you ever wonder why many people are becoming interested in collecting?  As we can see nowadays, people are enjoying collecting stuffs from old coins to mail stamps. Dollhouse collecting is another trend that is still growing in popularity same as those miniature figures of superheroes and dolls.

Dollhouse Collecting

Others believe that collecting toys like dollhouses, comic books, superheroes, etc. are incredibly only for the kids while some thinks that it is only a waste of time, effort, and money. Only a few understand collectors and their purpose, just as the same a very few knows the values these toys teaches and the fulfillment ever collectors feel every time they found an interesting piece.

Reasons to Create Your Own Collection

Collectors collect things according to their own interest. If it has been your interest to play with dollhouses since you were kid, and you feel that seeing them brings you the joy of being young again, there is a reason for you to collect them. We learned in the previous entry that dollhouses came with a rich history, being a decorative item of Europe’s early aristocrats. Dollhouses during the time are very expensive that only people born with golden spoon can afford them. Thankfully, dollhouses are affordable in our generation that people from all walks of life can afford them—and that includes you!

Create Your Own Collection

We listed three good benefits of collecting toys. May it be Barbie doll houses or train sets, there are very good reasons to collect.

It hones patience and resourcefulness. Not all pieces that collectors wanted to have are laid to them in a silver platter. There are pieces that they want to acquire especially if collectors are interested on antique items. Patience is a virtue, and this is the virtue every collector must have in finding the stuff they need to find. Resourcefulness on the other hand is developed as you learn what pieces you’d like to have and where to look for them.

It allows collectors to build a network of friends that shares the same interest. Social media networks and online forums is one of the places where many people are spending their time with. These are also the places where people of varied interest meet and build friendship. In social media groups where collectors share their particular interest, everyone can benefit from tips and information given by one another. This also can play as a support group.

Encourages learning. When you collect, you also became interested in the origin of your collection. You master its uses, and learn its advantages. You value every piece not only that you endured challenges to find them, but also because they have their own stories. As you collection grows, you might just be surprised how much knowledge you gained that you became a reliable resource person on the topics regarding your collection.

It brings back good memories. Toys like dollhouses are part of being young. Some collectors collect in their adulthood because they were deprived of those when they were young. Toys can be very heartwarming for some people, they are our first playmates, they are gifts we received from special people in our lives, and some of them tell even our very own stories.


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