First Steps in Planning Your Dollhouse Collection

Planning Your Dollhouse

Does your love for a dollhouse is currently encouraging you to collect and create miniatures on display? If you do, you might currently are thinking on how to properly collect a dollhouse properly. Creating your own collection can be daunting especially if you are not introduced yet to the diverse materials, prices, types, and architectural styles of dollhouses that are must-know for collectors.

However, do not get discouraged. Narrowing your focus to what interests you the most is the best way to start this fascinating hobby. With focus and optimism, looking forward to a vision, you will find it easy to create a dollhouse collection worthy of public display.

Below are the ultimate first steps in starting your collection:

Find a Focus

Before you go to the more crucial steps of collecting, you need to work out on the things that appeal to your most. Basically, there are three classifications of dollhouse miniature collections:

  • A Period in History. Dollhouse designs come in different variety and some of them are built to showcase architecture of a particular period. The architectural styles of dollhouses are Colonial, Saltbox, Cape Code, Tudor, Victorian, Georgian, Federal, Greek revival, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Mansard, Queen Anne, Carpenter Gothic, and many others. Modern and Barbie doll houses are pretty popular too. In collecting, you can choose only one or all of the styles to showcase a period that you like the most.
  • The Collector’s Passion of Interest. Do you want to collect shoes, bags, plants, antique furniture? Well, almost everything that people are fond of collecting (even watching—we mean cartoon and movie characters) are available in miniatures. Collecting these miniatures along with dollhouses is like creating a real-life picture of a situation.
  • Collecting to Tell a Story. Talking about real-life situation, collecting dollhouses allows you to tell a story. Do you want to express a moment in time? A piece of popular story in history? How about putting your favorite movie scene into mini? With dollhouse miniatures, you can even create a dream village of yours complete with public libraries, police stations, train sets, and a lot more.

Determine the Space and Scale

Once you finished determining the focus of your collection, what kind of space will your miniature collection need? If you decided to create a mini village, what scale does your room allow? The Scale is the ratio between the actual object and its miniature version. You can collect through a display box, a dollhouse, or through a showcase.

Determine the Space and Scale

  • Display Box. Collectors use display box to keep their collections organized and properly maintained while there is no available space and items yet to showcase.

Display Box

  • Dollhouse. A dollhouse collection involves more expense and choices than a regular display box. This is the best way to collect if you are planning to tell a story or you want to show a historical period. Dollhouses are available in kits you can assemble at your own leisure. It can remain unfinished while you are completing its contents.


  • Showcase. If you simply wanted to showcase your collection, then a showcase is what you need. This can be your link if you already amassed a huge private collection that you are willing to show the public.

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