The Second Step in Dollhouse Collection Planning

In the last entry, we shared the first steps to plan your dollhouse collection. Finding a focus and determining the space and scale is a must; however, there are still more than that in building a collection that counts. In this post, we would like to share practical and easy ways to map out a scene using your collection, and how to find the right pieces to suit them.

Create a Scene

If you already have a focus and an idea on how to display your dollhouses, now create a concise plan and decide whether in what level you will take your collection. Let your creativity and resourcefulness shine! Different displays of your dollhouses can showcase a specific scene that unifies a whole theme of the collection. The process used in creating a scene using dollhouses and a showcase are basically the same. How to do it? Below are ways;

Dollhouse Collection Planning

  • Choose a Display (Display Box, Dollhouse, or Showcase): What type of dollhouse display will you use? You have three to choose from. Identify what you like most in the list and start from there.

Dollhouse Display

  • Focus on the Details: Say that you decided to pick a display box. Like designing an interior of a regular house or building, you have to be very particular of the details. Try researching for interior inspirations online. When you see a display box, what are the specific details that you easily notice? What is the atmosphere in your dollhouse that you want to highlight? Do you prefer colors and designs that create excitement? Write down the details that you want to apply and the materials that you need to buy.

Doll Houses Planning

  • Choose Lighting and Colors: In decorating a regular house, lighting plays a very important role of setting the atmosphere of the space. Lighting and the color scheme of your display box should be coordinated to achieve a look that is pulled in together. Plan how your light source will appear natural. It may require you to learn the basics of creating an electrical light source to design your display box DIY.

Doll House collection

  • Implement the Plan: With all the primary concepts already laid down, doing things to achieve the desired goal is next. Use the materials you purchased and apply the design concepts that you prepared for the task.

In mapping out a scene for your Doll House collection, it does not necessarily mean that you complete all the little details at once. The essence of collecting is diligently looking for those pieces to complete your display. Stick to your plan if you are going shopping for collectibles, but as much as possible; be wary of your spending. Some collections take years to complete since it is like completing a very important puzzle. Do not rush on things, because it may only bring you the frustration of not getting the best pieces worthy to be called a valuable.


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