Dollhouse Scales: What Collectors Should Know?

Dollhouse Scales

Determining the dollhouse scale is one of the trickiest things every collector must learn. In planning to collect dollhouses  you might already have the idea, that it is not a hobby that simply requires you to hoard random things that you like the most. Collecting is more than that, to make an interesting and organized collection, there are a few rules that you have to follow, and first and foremost is to determine the scale of the dollhouse that you would like to create or collect.

Understanding Scale

Dollhouse scale is the fraction or ratio used to shrink larger/regular items into miniature items. A standard dollhouse size has a scale of 1/12; it means that the dollhouse is 12 times smaller than the regular house.

The use of scales started in the early 1920s for the Queen Mary’s Dollhouse designed by the most renowned architects of the era, Sir Edwin Lutyens. The dollhouse along with its contents is properly measured to create a perfect depiction of the Queen’s lifestyle in miniature. Before Queen Mary’s Dollhouse, baby houses do not have particular scale, but still are creatively done in their own way.

Queen Mary’s Dollhouse

Queen Mary’s Dollhouse Built in 1920-1924

The Importance of Dollhouse Scale

If you are a newbie, you might have been asking why you will need to learn about the different scales of dollhouses. The reason is simple; it is because knowing the scale will allow you to understand the size of the dollhouse you are going to purchase as well as its contents. Say you got yourself a 1/12 or full scaled wooden dollhouse, then, you will need 1/12 scaled miniatures as well to complete the furniture and other accessories to complete it.

Furthermore, there are collectors who also assemble their own dollhouse collection and construct their own dollhouse furniture. Understanding the different scales helps them measure and construct easier.

Common Miniature Scales

Now let’s begin familiarizing with the common miniature scales. What all those fraction or ratio mean? How can they help you decorate your dollhouse proportionally?

  • 1:6 Scale (The Playhouse or Barbie Scale)

The playscale is the largest among the miniature scales, spanning 2 inches for every actual size foot. This is the perfect scale if you primarily want to create dioramas and real-life situations using regular sized dolls like Barbie, Ken, and other 11-12 inches dolls.

  • 1:12 Scale (One Inch Scale)

Being the standard dollhouse scale, this is the most popular and the most available scale for collectors. One inch in your dollhouse is equivalent to one foot in the real world measurement.

  • 1:24 Scale (Half Inch Scale)

This is the half of full scale and is more popular in the European countries.

  • 1:48 Scale (Quarter Inch Scale)

The quarter inch scale in your dollhouse is very small that it is preferred as a decorative item than to be something to be played with.

  • 1:144 Scale (One Twelfth of One Twelfth Inch Scale)

A micro-mini for a dollhouse? This scale is a rare piece being the smallest among the scales. A 1:144 Scale dollhouse can be a toy dollhouse that you can display in your standard-sized dollhouse.


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