Restoring Dollhouses: Go or No?

A dollhouse is not only a toy, but it is a reflection of the art and the culture of the days gone by. These may be widely considered as toys, however, they are also important tools for learning and social interaction for children. Back in the day, most were intricately designed and many of which required the services of a master craftsman to build and a painter to add to the details. Some of these pretty old dollhouses (over decades or a hundred years old) were made of high-quality wood and metal – due to the nonexistence of plastic back then. These were made only for the children of the highest class; having one back then means that you are a child of a pretty rich individual or a member of a noble family. With the rise of the used of plastic based materials however, almost anyone can own a cheaply made yet manufacturer grade dollhouse.

One of the perennial problems of dollhouse collectors and dealers are the ways on how to treat antique doll houses. Of course,  they must be taken care of so as to not to aggravate the damage it must have sustained. Talks of restorations are definitely floating around, which is why you need to take note of these several aspects and tasks: Continue reading


Dollhouse Scales: What Collectors Should Know?

Dollhouse Scales

Determining the dollhouse scale is one of the trickiest things every collector must learn. In planning to collect dollhouses  you might already have the idea, that it is not a hobby that simply requires you to hoard random things that you like the most. Collecting is more than that, to make an interesting and organized collection, there are a few rules that you have to follow, and first and foremost is to determine the scale of the dollhouse that you would like to create or collect.

Understanding Scale

Dollhouse scale is the fraction or ratio used to shrink larger/regular items into miniature items. A standard dollhouse size has a scale of 1/12; it means that the dollhouse is 12 times smaller than the regular house. Continue reading


The Second Step in Dollhouse Collection Planning

In the last entry, we shared the first steps to plan your dollhouse collection. Finding a focus and determining the space and scale is a must; however, there are still more than that in building a collection that counts. In this post, we would like to share practical and easy ways to map out a scene using your collection, and how to find the right pieces to suit them.

Create a Scene

If you already have a focus and an idea on how to display your dollhouses, now create a concise plan and decide whether in what level you will take your collection. Let your creativity and resourcefulness shine! Different displays of your dollhouses can showcase a specific scene that unifies a whole theme of the collection. The process used in creating a scene using dollhouses and a showcase are basically the same. How to do it? Below are ways; Continue reading


First Steps in Planning Your Dollhouse Collection

Planning Your Dollhouse

Does your love for a dollhouse is currently encouraging you to collect and create miniatures on display? If you do, you might currently are thinking on how to properly collect a dollhouse properly. Creating your own collection can be daunting especially if you are not introduced yet to the diverse materials, prices, types, and architectural styles of dollhouses that are must-know for collectors.

However, do not get discouraged. Narrowing your focus to what interests you the most is the best way to start this fascinating hobby. With focus and optimism, looking forward to a vision, you will find it easy to create a dollhouse collection worthy of public display. Continue reading


Dollhouse Collecting: A Worthwhile Hobby

Have you ever wonder why many people are becoming interested in collecting?  As we can see nowadays, people are enjoying collecting stuffs from old coins to mail stamps. Dollhouse collecting is another trend that is still growing in popularity same as those miniature figures of superheroes and dolls.

Dollhouse Collecting

Others believe that collecting toys like dollhouses, comic books, superheroes, etc. are incredibly only for the kids while some thinks that it is only a waste of time, effort, and money. Only a few understand collectors and their purpose, just as the same a very few knows the values these toys teaches and the fulfillment ever collectors feel every time they found an interesting piece.

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Dollhouse Collection – Miniature Pieces of Timeless Beauty

Many people are getting fond of collecting almost anything these days. From century old coins to stamps from all over the world, collecting stuffs emerged to become a very popular hobby since centuries ago. Collecting is a very popular hobby as it represents various experiences of the collector. Every collection has its own story, and most collectors feel fulfilled whenever they found a rare piece.

Dollhouses are one of those miniature stuffs some people would love to collect. If you think that these pretty houses for the pretty dolls are only made of plastics and only sold in the nearby toy stores, you have to think twice. Dollhouses can be dated back 5000 years ago, and some collectors acquire pieces from various eras in different types and sizes. Some collectors find pieces from the Victorian era depending on their interest. Tudor dollhouses complete with miniature furniture sets are also very popular among collectors.

Dollhouse Collection

You can collect your own dollhouses!

We learned in the previous blog that dollhouses began as trophies of the rich and powerful in the earlier European societies. Dollhouses within the era are fully furnished with home essentials from chairs to beds, and the cost can reach to the amount of an entire house unit. Dollhouses during the time are that expensive, a reason only the people born in silver spoon can afford them. Thankfully, dollhouses today are not exclusive to the rich. Nowadays, these miniature homes are available in various prices and types that people from all walks of life can afford—and you can too! Continue reading


Dollhouse Collection: Not Merely a Collector’s Hobby but a Therapy

Victorian Dollhouse

People love to collect things. They love to gather souvenirs from the impressive island or destination they visit. Others love to collect toys they used to play while they are younger. Big girls love to collect magical dollhouses, Barbie dolls, figurines and more. Big boys love to collect miniature cars, robots and superhero collections. Sometimes these collections are just one of their hobbies, past time or something they could get back to when they are sad, alone and distress. One of the most expensive yet favorite collections among big girls in the upper class is the magical dollhouse. They believe that even when they stare or touch their favorite collection, they will become free from the unwanted tensions and stress in life. The dolls play a major role in the lives of these women. When they play their dollhouses, they become children again. They forget their problems and are like innocent young ones amused by their toys.

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